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Spey Nation III, June 19 2010, Salmon River NY

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

Due to the presence of the Atlantic Salmon shown in this video, I ran up to Spey Nation III a whole day early to get on the water..

You’ll see slate all around Oswego county, and the Salmon River has beautiful slate that often looks like a layer cake or a broken staircase, like here at the Staircase Pool.. Huge random chunks of slate abound just a little further downstream.

Patrick R casting

Everyone got to watch some great instruction from Lee Davison, Neil Houlding, Andrew Moy, Nate Koenigsknecht, and Topher Browne. A great hang with some cool people.

Andrew Moy

Topher Browne

Lee Davison demonstrating with his blue Vector line…

Dan, Dave, Shaq, Lee

porch talk

leprechaun talk

Island on the river, running about 300 cfs

Bluebird day between the Staircase and Black Hole

Got a feisty war paint smallmouth (enlarge pic and look at the stripes on his cheek) in the spot above, his coloring was incredibly dark. No Atlantics or Skamanias though. And then the long drive home…

Blue Bunny Tracks Spey

Thursday, December 24th, 2009

OK, technically not a spey fly ….