Albie Test Fails



Class A Brown

Devil’s Glen

Connecticut upcountry looking for trouts …

Steve May Rainbow

Code is cracked on a difficult day on the river after no fish — thank you CDC & Elk from Hans Weilenmann.

The fabulous CDC & Elk.

Class A Trunks

Hendrickson Winged Wet

The craze among fisherman bloggers is far bigger than the hatch itself. Hendy wet with starling quill wing.

My First Class A Trout in CT

Took a drowned #12 CDC & Elk

Match the Hatch Muddler on the Farmy

Steve F rocking a rainbow on a Muddler

Oregon March 2013 – A Chance for Steel

photo of Harold by Anadromous Anglers

photo of Anadromous Anglers by Harold

Martin’s chromer

Christopher Sinclair, Glitter Bear Steelhead var

Chris, you’ve been served. Tied after this: