Holdovers in the TMA

Heard there was a stocking of brown trout but then the flood washed em down to the Sound. These must be holdovers, all on a swung fly… water temps 42F, no hatches visible, Ian, Brian and Josh were talkin a lotta shit, while I was busy hookin up. Don’t get me wrong, they all hooked up and landed fish, and all the while talking shit except Brian who’s pullin out major skunk buds out of his chest pack and lighten em up in a huge pipe, then throwing laser loop 3wt bead head wooly buggers and hookin up, jah.

The fish above is not much to look at, but what a fish. I had 40 feet of line out on a steady swing in riffly but even flowing water, 2.5 feet depth. This guy hit the fly about 20degrees before the actual hang down, but then again I was ready cuz I figured there’s a fish right in front of that rock which I’ve now let 3 new feet of line out to on this swing — and I was sure I had a 14″ rainbow on, the 4wt DC switch sunk right down to the handle just as the little shiny yellow brown with tiny spots left the water in a leap, and a millisecond later Brian behind me in the run saw that take and howled. A tiny fish making huge jumps, he made 3 jumps total, tailwalkin each one, and I marvelled at how small he was when finally landed, hooked in the side of the mouth like a real hit and run predator..