Stormy Saugatuck Apr 27 2010

I had the place to myself for four hours, a private stream, what with threatening rain and strong gusty winds, and freezing temperatures.

I arrived armed with a boatload of newly tied CDC Elk Hair Caddis, planning to fish on top, like last Sunday but nothing was happening on top, except savage freezing wind gusts blowing sticks into the leaf hatches.

Started out with a dropper rig with bead head princes, PTN and scuddly duddlies on the point and smaller #18 midges. Got two tugs that amounted to … NOTHING! The water was up 100% over the past 2 days due to rain.

Switched to swinging #8 spey style flies, using a fast sink Snowbee polyleader and a short length of 5X tippet. A couple of slams! Then a reluctant take which felt more like a stick, and suddenly there is a Rainbow making 4 straight psycho wiggly crack addled jumps, one after the other. He came unbuttoned as the leader was nearing the rod tip… Lost 2 more fish in rapid succession, but this brown stayed on the hook long enough for a pic.

And then it was dark.

I was thinking about Shaq while swinging the flies, because he showed me how to swing flies on the Salmon River NY, and here, I was doing a mini version of that. All of my fish today struck pretty much on the dangle, or at the end of the swing, while I waited. And waited. That’s what Shaq taught me, he doesn’t say much but he did yell when he said “fish it all the way to the end and WAIT! Sometimes they take it there.”

When I got home tonight I find out on that, it’s Shaq’s birthday today. Thanks Shaq!